Talco anuncian nuevo disco y las primeras fechas de la gira 2018

Talco vuelven a la carga con "And The Winner Isn't", su nuevo trabajo de estudio saldrá a la venta el próximo 23 de febrero, aunque ya está activa la reserva a través este sitio web. Además la formación italiana de ska punk han publicado las primeras fechas confirmadas de la gira presentación del disco, la cual arrancará en Madrid el día 2 de marzo:

02.03.2018 - ES - Madrid - BUT  http://www.appticketing.com/HFMNCREW
03.03.2018 - CAT - Barcelona - Sala Razzmatazz BCN http://www.appticketing.com/HFMNCREW
08.03.2018 - CH - Zurich - Dynamo https://www.starticket.ch/…/talco-20180308-1900-dynamo-saal…
09.03.2018 - DE - Munchen - Backstage München http://bit.ly/2wKiFF4
10.03.2018 - DE - Berlin - Astra Kulturhaus Berlin http://bit.ly/2y98L1B
16.03.2018 - DE - Sttutgart - LKA Longhorn http://bit.ly/2zbLI68
17.03.2018 - DE - Koln - Live Music Hall http://bit.ly/2xw0T8t
23.03.2018 - DE - Hamburg - Fabrik Hamburg http://bit.ly/2yc1Czh
13.04.2018 - EUS - Vitoria - Jimmy Jazz Gasteiz http://www.appticketing.com/HFMNCREW
14.04.2018 - ES - Valladolid - Laboratorio de las Artes de Valladolid :: LAVA http://www.appticketing.com/HFMNCREW
20.04.2018 - GL - A Coruña - Playa Club Coruña http://www.appticketing.com/HFMNCREW
21.04.2018 - Ast - Oviedo - Discoteca Sir Laurens http://www.appticketing.com/HFMNCREW

No te pierdas el teaser de "And The Winner Isn't...":

AND THE WINNER ISN'T ✌️😎🎶🤘We are pleased to announce that we will release our new album in February 2018, our new album is called "And The Winner Isn't" and it will see the light the 23rd of February 2018 through our own label Punkchanka Records and our partner label Long Beach Records Europe This seventh work spotlights our californian punk rock influence and the folky colours that reminds our origins and makes us sound stronger than ever. "And The Winner Isn’t" is a concept album; thirteen songs that travels into the heart of the show of human degradation, morals and politics; a path that began in our previous work, "Silent Town".You can pre-order or new album from our own label PUNKCHANKA:http://tickets.hfmncrew.com/web/?menu=7&pagina=tienda&siteID=hfmncrew&categ=1265If u live in Germany, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg however, head over to Long Beach Records Europe through this link:http://smarturl.it/talco-winnerWe will do a new tour supporting the new release, here are the first confirmed dates, there are much more to come, c ya in the pit!02.03.2018 - ES - Madrid - BUTtickets at http://www.appticketing.com/HFMNCREW03.03.2018 - CAT - Barcelona - Sala Razzmatazz BCNtickets at http://www.appticketing.com/HFMNCREW09.03.2018 - DE - Munchen - Backstage MünchenTickets at http://bit.ly/2wKiFF410.03.2018 - DE - Berlin - Astra Kulturhaus BerlinTickets at http://bit.ly/2y98L1B16.03.2018 - DE - Sttutgart - LKA Longhorn17.03.2018 - DE - Koln - Live Music HallTickets at http://bit.ly/2xw0T8t24.03.2018 - DE - Hamburg - Fabrik HamburgTickets at http://bit.ly/2yc1Czh13.04.2018 - EUS - Vitoria - Jimmy Jazz Gasteiztickets at http://www.appticketing.com/HFMNCREW14.04.2018 - ES - Valladolid - Laboratorio de las Artes de Valladolid :: LAVAtickets at http://www.appticketing.com/HFMNCREW20.04.2018 - GL - A Coruña - Playa Club Coruñatickets at http://www.appticketing.com/HFMNCREW21.04.2018 - Ast - Oviedo - Discoteca Sir Laurenstickets at http://www.appticketing.com/HFMNCREW www.talco-punkchanka.com - will be updated with all the new desing the 1st of novemberA LA PUNKCHANKA!!!!!!!

Posted by Talco on Dienstag, 10. Oktober 2017